Pubblicazioni scientifiche

Visual information from observing grasping movement in allocentric and egocentric perspectives: development in typical children – Tinelli e altri

Spatiotopic coding during dynamic head tilt –  Mikellidou e altri

Ensemble perception of emotions in autistic and typical children and adolescents

Hemispheric language organization after congenital left brain lesions: A comparison between functional transcranial Doppler and functional MRI – Clilosi e altri

Autism is associated with reduced ability to interpret grasping actions of Others – Turi e altri

Pupillometry reveals perceptual differences that are tightly linked to autistic traits in typical adults – Turi e altri

Parental Perspectives on Psychiatric Comorbidity in Preschoolers With Autism Spectrum Disorders Receiving Publicly Funded Mental Health Services – Muratori  e altri

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